Walkers Auto Service Center
    2020 Creekview Dr.,Fayetteville, AR   ||  479.973.9343

Walker's Auto Service and Repair

We provide you with expert repair and service for your TOTAL Car Care needs!
From automatic/manual transmission repair & rebuilding to clutch service and replacement.
Diagnostics to identify and help fix all drivability problems -including 4X4s, fleets, and more.
Complete brake services including brake pads & rotors.
Fuel System, Tires, Clutch Repair, Alignment, Radiator, Starter,Cooling System
Auto repair service, brakes, tune-up, oil change, filter changes, lube,engine replacement

  • Wagner Thermo-Quiet Brakes Services
  • Alignments with hunter digital imaging technology
  • A/C Delco Parts and Service
  • Motorcraft parts and Service
  • Mopar parts and Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Moog Suspension Parts

Member of Certified Auto Repair Group

We offer nation wide warranty on most repairs

Convenient, affordable services.
We accept Credit Cards.

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